Revelation: Trinity #1 The Soundtrack

I think it's common for writers to get insipiration from music, and I'm no exception. When I'm working out plots and organising my thoughts for a book - a lengthy process which is basically daydreaming for hours while taking notes - I often turn to music to fuel or guide a particular scene.

Because of this, the songs that usually resonate with me are generally what my husband, Andy, likes to call 'on the nose' (OTN)- ie, the lyrics tend to be quite specific to what I'm working on at the time. He hates this type of song, but I find them extrordinarily useful when I'm plotting. I use them as bookmarks of a sort; listening to a particular song can take me straight back into the scene I was working on, so it's easy to edit or adjust it later down the line.

Sometimes, I find a track that sends my mind on a bit of a montage - it's not really relevant to the writing, but it helps guide the process. I often consider those songs the sort I would use if my books were movies; a highly unlikely concept, but it is how they tend to design themselves in my head generally. (the hard part, for me, is turning the movie that plays in my head into words, so that they translate to a movie in someone elses head... no easy feat!) These are usually my favourite tracks and are more of an indulgance as they don't generally follow the plot I'm creating, rather they round out the particular feeling I'm trying to achieve.

Anyway, I was chatting to my dad about the idea of book soundtracks (he's currently reading Testament!) and it made me remember the folder I have on my computer, dedicated to song inspiration.

In case anyone else is interested, I've added the tracks to a youtube playlist you can find here, and have listed the songs below, and how they fit into REVELATION.

I'll probably do the same for TESTAMENT in a later post, but for now, enjoy!

(Spoilers! read the book before you read this list!)

No light, No light - Florence and the Machine - I consider this song to be the 'theme tune' for REVELATION. It captured my imagination when I heard it, and it doesnt hurt that the actual word REVELATION is in it...

All Yours - Metric - This is actually a song from the soundtrack of Twilight (Eclipse), but I was listening to it one day, and it turned into a movie song. I imagined it on the radio - perhaps Rose's alarm as she woke and started getting ready for her first day at Trinity College. A nice little montage of hope and promise of things to come.

Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby, Bruno Mars - Locked out of Heaven, Calvin Harris - Feel so close, Lover to Lover - Florence and the Machine - These are just some of the songs that I imagine Nate and Rose dancing to at club Fez. High energy, happy songs that make me smile.

Distance - Christina Perri - I really liked this song and it put me in mind of the movie night that Rose, Christian and Ana go to.

Hang you from the heavens - The Dead Weather - This is basically Nate and Elle's theme song. It fits them both and the first time I heard it, I was reminded of their dynamic.

Brave - Shelley Fraley - This one is pretty elf-explanatory when you listen to it. (It's rediculously OTN!!) It's one of those movie songs, where I picture a cute and fluffy montage of Rose and Christian getting to know each other.

All that I'm asking for - Lifehouse - This, for me, is the scene where Christian takes Rose into the Shroud and they fly in the rain. The lyrics are super OTN, but it's a lovely song and captures the feeling of that moment.

Running up that Hill - Placebo - This is Ben's song. It's a great song for explaning how he feels about Rose's transformation, and how he'd trade places to keep her safe. It's also just a great cover...

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls - This is the song that is playing while Rose and Christian ride the carousel, at the May Ball. This is one of my all time favourite songs, so I knew it woulf feature somewhere (Yes, I know it the song to City of Angels - a film I love. I accidentally picked Nate's full name (Nathaniel Messenger) from the depths of my subconscience, as it happens to be a name of one of the characters in this film; something I discovered only last year when we watched it again!)

Die tonight, live forever - Innerpartysystem - This is another movie song. I had this playing as I was working out the fighting at the May Ball. Nothing specific (other than the title, lol) but the mood of it pushed the scene on.

Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine - I'm aware I turned to Forence and the Machine a lot for this book, but this is a great song that inspired the circle of demons and the fight at the May Ball. (I actually changed the number of demons to reflect the title, it fitted that much!)

Too Late - M38 - This is the song I imaging Rose and Nate dance to in Purgatory, after she's been resurrected.

Always - Saliva - This is Nates inner monologue as he is packing up to leave at the end of the book. It fits his character, and his conficted mood at this point and I imagine him slamming his stuff about as he packs...

M38 - Wait - This is a strange song, in that, I imagine it slightly differently than it actually plays. It starts the same, but I imagine it turns sinister towards the end. It's the moment where Rose and Christian are out on the lawn after she's just resurrected. The turning dark is when Christian starts to disappear... at about the 4 minute mark. Its another 'on the nose' but it works so well in my head that I love it. I just wish I was a musician so I could turn it into the song I imagine... the idea of the off-key notes fading out as the scene closes is perfect...

So there you go! A handful of tracks that built REVELATION in my head. Stay tuned (hah!) for the TESTAMENT installment...