Why the Eco Egg cracked my Soap Nut addiction

If you read my post from Feb 21st ( You didn't? you can here!) You'll know that I've been an advocate of soap nuts (or, tiger nuts, if you prefer) for a long while now. However, when my last batch ran out, I decided to try another option that had been popping up on my pinterest feed for a while.

The Eco egg franchise is a fairly new, UK-based company who manufacture eco-friendly alternatives to the chemical-laden laundry products that fill our supermarkets.

They are allergen free, backed by Allergy UK and National eczema society, and win numerous awards for their clever little products.

They also do not test on animals.

What I love about these, is that they take all my favourite bits of the soap nuts and combine it with all that I miss from conventional laundry detergent.

I don't have to fiddle around, filling little bags with nuts, and make sure they hang somewhere to dry once the wash is done. No longer, do I have to mix up vinegar and scented extracts to give me a decent softener. Instead, I just sling a little ball in with my wash, add a teaspoon (yes! a teaspoon!) of their concentrated softener to the drawer, and my washing comes out clean, fresh, and smelling amazing.

Even ANDY has noticed the difference enough to comment - so it must be an enormous change!

Interested? You can find them here,Or, if you have a Dun-Elm in your area, they've just started stocking there too, which is a huge boost for the Eco-friendly movement!

The do other stuff, too. My next product of theirs to try are these nifty-looking fridge pads to help slow the decay of your fruit and veg.

We eat A LOT of veg in our household, and often have to rush to finish off that last courgette (or give the chickens a sneaky treat!) These work by absorbing the ethylene gas that fruit and veg produce, which slows down the decomposition, and keeps everything fresher for longer!

I'm going to pop into my local Dun-Elm this weekend to see if I can pick some up. (If not, I'll grab them from amazon.)

I'll let you know how I get on in a few months!