This is the blog post my mother has been waiting (not so) patiently for, for 2 weeks now - the update on our wedding progress.

(not interested? That's cool - skip it and I'll see you next week with a book review! <3)

After the initial panic, and waking Andy up at 3am to talk about all the ideas filling my head, my fever has finally abated, leaving me with a tired but happy feeling - like the final day of flu, where you know it's over, but your limbs feel like spaghetti, and all you want to do is sleep.

My weary brain has processed the mind-boggling array of options possible, discarding those obviously not suited to Andy and I (including registry offices,basic hotel packages, fru-fru, modern, and over-the-top celebrations) deliberated over dates and seasons (Obviously not summer or spring, Autumn has potential but Winter is our happy place...) and discussed catering, venues, budgets, guests, and colour schemes until our heads hurt.

We've had our first argument, (Can Andy get drunk on our wedding day? hint: NO) made so many lists even I can't keep track, and seriously considered running away to elope at Gretna Green, courtesy of my parents.

This was what was in our engagement card - two ten-pound notes labelled 'Gretna Green' - the culmination of a lifetime of jokes that this is all my parents would contribute to my wedding.

Mum also gave me a silver sixpence which she'd saved for my shoe, as part of the traditional 'good luck' package for a bride on her wedding day. It's been tucked safely away in the 'Wedding Fund' teramundi that my Uncle Steve thoughtfully gifted us (along with cake!)

And Andy made me a place to put my engagement ring when I take it off at night. (Isn't it the cutest?)

Finally, I bought myself a wedding planner - and it's a good thing I did because weddings, as it turns out, are complicated.

Eventually, Ultimately, At Last, and all the other words that mean FINALLY... Andy and I have decided on a very VERY small (the brochures all like to call it 'intimate') ceremony and sit down meal, with a winter/Christmas theme.

(No pinecones, though - which are apparently a step too far for Andy!)

Naturally, this will take place in December - but 2019, as we can't afford it this year.

There will be no party, dance floor or DJ because, quite frankly, we both hate all that nonsense, and just want a quiet day surrounded by our closest friends and family.

With this firmly set, we began looking into venues that would fit this sort of thing, and have narrowed it down to five options that tick all the boxes on paper:

1. Anne of Cleves House, Lewes.

2. Upwaltham Barns, Nr Chichester

3. The Ravenswood Hotel, Sharpthorne

4. The Pilgrims Rest, Battle

5. Hendall Manor Barns, Uckfield

We are booked in to visit them over the course of the next few weeks, so I'll be able to give a bit more information on each one as we go! (and any more that I find in the meantime)

That's all for now! stay tuned for more wedding planning details, coming soon!