The Pottering Shed

My mum is a bit of a gardener. She's always out in the greenhouse, 'pottering about' with seedlings and plants, or helping my grandad with his vegetable patch, my sister-in-law, sophie, with her wild-garlic infestation - or at mine, instructing me on how to do it all 'properly'. She even volunteers at an allotment every fortnight,helping out where she can.

So, for Christmas this year, my dad built her a potting shed, up-cycling the old garden shed. He added a dormer-type window and insulated it to give her a cosy little space to work in - often out in the cold and wet, trying to get it finished. (aww! True love!)

Once all the hard graft was done, mum called in the 'designer' (me, apparently!) to spruce it up a little.

She and dad had already hung all the tools on the wall, and put in the bench and the storage, but wanted it to look pretty, and so we set to work in the -1 weather, armed with various bits and bobs from my craft stores in our hands, and some images from Pinterest in our heads.

After a few hours work, and much deliberation, I present to you the result!

So, the photography needs some work (oops!) and it's not a picture-perfect set up from Pinterest, but it's cute and cosy, and has everything she needs to keep that green thumb going.

Merry Christmas Mummy. Hope you love it. <3