Why people think I'm nuts. (Hint: It's because I wash my clothes with them!)

So here's a thing: I've not washed my clothes with laundry detergent for over a year.

Are you shocked? disgusted? I know Andy was when I first suggested the idea, but I ploughed ahead anyway (a bit of a trend, you will find!) and have not looked back.

I originally found out about Tiger nuts - or soap nuts as they are typically called - through good old Pinterest (want to follow me? click here!) - a place I tend to find lots of my 'good ideas'. Intrigued by the idea that nuts could clean clothes, I began researching, and discovered lots of interesting facts!

They have been used for a variety of cleaning throughout history, due to their soapy residue that forms when they get damp and rub together. They are entirely natural, and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies, and are super inexpensive - a bag which has lasted well over a year cost just £7.99!

I also discovered that they are the main ingredient of a drink in Valencia called Horcheta. It is so popular that it is considered one of their signature flavours, and is made by street vendors and restaurateurs alike.

It is a bit like cows milk. Sweet, creamy, with a hint of nuts.

It also comes with myriad health benefits, and is packed full of magnesium, fibre, potassium, and amino acids. It is gluten and dairy free, contains only natural sugars, and is even fine for people with nut allergies, since it is actually a legume!

Despite all of these amazing health benefits, I have to admit I've not tried to eat or drink them - I've only used them to wash my clothes. ;)

It does a great job. Seriously. It cleans all but the tough stains that detergent can't handle (why do I sound like an advert? imagine this in a booming voice-over...) and leaves the machine clean too - but doesn't leave any scent, which I found a bit too strange (clean clothes smell like clean clothes!) So, I add vinegar and orange essence to the softener compartment, and my clothes come out smelling fresh and clean, every time.

You can make your own hand soap with them, and even use them in the dishwasher! (just throw a handful into the cutlery tray, and you're good to go!)

Interested? you can find out more by clicking the picture below! :)

All that being said, my bag is coming to an end shortly and I do plan on trying something new. As much as soap nuts have been a revelation for my laundry, it can be a bit of a pain, replacing the nuts in the bag with fresh ones every time they fall apart (bonus! they can go on the compost!) So, after much research, I have decided to try the Eco Egg!

(click the picture for a link)

I'll let you know how we get on with that, once I've put it through its paces!