The day I became a writer...

I started writing REVELATION on Saturday 12th May 2012.

I can still remember it so clearly. I'd spent the past week or so moping about, lost in an image from a dream. A dream involving a blue eyed, blonde haired Angel named Christian. He was haunting me. Tormenting me. Demanding that I do something with the image I'd created.

Finally, Andy cracked and asked me what was wrong. After I'd explained my bizarre situation, he then sent me on a path with three simple words:

Write it down.

It was accompanied with a shrug of the shoulders, a casual 'duh!' etched into his expression - as if his girlfriend daydreaming about imaginary men who looked a bit like Chris Hemsworth with wings was the most normal thing in the world - but this was the answer that had eluded me.

And so I did. I opened a new document on my laptop expecting to thrash out a short story - an hours work at most.

I had no concept, no plot, and no characters other than my Angel. But then something amazing happened. A plot took shape. Characters began appearing in my mind as if they'd been there all along, rattling around in my head, waiting for this single moment. Soon I was writing as if I'd never stop. Writing as if I'd always done it. Writing, as if there were nothing else on Earth.

Five years later, I'm STILL writing it – and now it’s a Trilogy (The Trinity) - but it’s also much more than that. What started as a moment’s distraction turned into a hobby and later, now, into a way of life. It has made me confident, given me solid lifetime goals, and helped me define myself in ways that would have never been possible to that girl 'pre-Trinity'. I've grown into writing and feel I am a better person because of it.

If someone asked me five years ago, to give one word that described myself, I would have struggled. Wondered if it was possible to define an entire personality in a word. I'd have probably scoffed at the idea, considering it stupid to even try.

But now the answer's easy. I’m a Writer. One simple word encompasses every facet of my personality. It allows for my creativity, my inability to express myself out loud, my tendency to worry and over-analyse everything, my passion when I find something I love, my ability to sit and stare at nothing but the pictures in my head for hours on end. It even covers my natural state of untidiness that's at constant war with my innate desire to organise, or the feeling I get in my chest when I walk into a book store.

I've always been a dreamer. But that Saturday morning, was the day I became a Writer.

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