DIY: Designer Mercury Glass baubles on a budget!

I'm a bit in love with mercury glass at the moment. That dull, aged mirror effect is just the right amount of sparkly-pretty-thing without going into full blown modern-chrome. I had been looking into using mercury glass for some of our wedding decorations (yes I know it's still 18 months away, I like to plan ahead!!) and found these hanging baubles, which seemed exactly perfect for what I had in mind. Don't they look great? A little less aged than I would probably go for, but beautiful! The issue is, I need LOTS - at least 120 - and at £14.99 for 4, that's £450!!! So, me being me, I began looking into a way to do it myself. We'd used the clear glass baubles before as part of a Christmas win

Wedding Venue Review - The Pilgrims Rest

Have you ever just walked into a place and known, instantly, that it was going to be something special? I don't mean special as in impressive or unusual or remarkable. I'm talking about a feeling of rightness. Of knowing that a place will be part of your future, and will mean something to you for the rest of your life. That was what I felt as Andy and I walked through the door of the Pilgrims Rest in Battle. I knew it was going to be good. The website and the photos we'd seen had done a good job of convincing us it was one of the better options we were considering, but we'd been burned before (Missed that post? Find it here!) and I held my breath as I walked through the door.... ... and then