Wedding Venue Review- Anne of Cleves, Lewes

Yes I know I promised you a book review.... But WEDDING! (Almost over, I promise!) Anne of Cleves looked so good on paper. It was my favourite from the beginning. I loved the idea of getting married somewhere with such history, and I'd had good reviews from other friends who had got married there themselves, or had attended other weddings in the venue. This was where the idea of a Christmas themed wedding took flight in my head, since I associated the place with Christmas, after making pomanders on a school trip. It had the tudor style we liked, the exposed beams, and was reasonably priced. It was the first place we went to visit, and we were equal parts excited and weirded-out as we walked


This is the blog post my mother has been waiting (not so) patiently for, for 2 weeks now - the update on our wedding progress. (not interested? That's cool - skip it and I'll see you next week with a book review! <3) After the initial panic, and waking Andy up at 3am to talk about all the ideas filling my head, my fever has finally abated, leaving me with a tired but happy feeling - like the final day of flu, where you know it's over, but your limbs feel like spaghetti, and all you want to do is sleep. My weary brain has processed the mind-boggling array of options possible, discarding those obviously not suited to Andy and I (including registry offices,basic hotel packages, fru-fru, modern,